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  Data Management  

  TLC Global manages your Database.  

TLC Global is more than just a mailing specialist.

Your business depends on accurate, up-to-the-minute information. But staying on top of all the information you need isn't easy. That's why TLC Global does data... with the deep-thinking technology and knowledgeable staff to carry your information burden.

From data entry and management to maintenance, enhancements, and rebate check fulfilment, we can reach your target, deliver the message, and measure the response. Our full service solution is all about achieving results.

Our proprietary data management tool can handle all of your mailing and fulfilment needs along with sales reports, statistics and response rates. Contact us today to see how you can benefit! www.totalmailsystem.com.

  • Data entry
  • Data and list management
  • Letter carrier pre-sort
  • U.S. sorts
  • Address verification and correction
  • Database maintenance
  • Database enhancements
  • Statistical processing / reporting